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Commonly Asked Questions

Yip Property Management Services, LLC is an equal opportunity housing provider.

Q – What do I need to do to apply?

A – You need to submit a rental application (click "apply Online!") along with your last 3 pay stubs, your last 3 bank statements, your ID, and a non-refundable $60 application fee. This fee covers the credit check, background check, and verification of income and employment. 

Q – What are your qualifications for rental applicants?

A – In order to qualify, applicants must make at least 3 times the amount of rent per month in their gross income and not have any prior evictions, repossessions, or felonies.

Q – How much of a security deposit do you require?

A – We require a security deposit equal to one-month’s rent. However, if credit is a concern, sometimes we will require a higher deposit.

Q – When can I move in?

A – You can move in either on the first of the month or on a day which you choose. We will prorate the rent if you choose to move in before the first of the month. Move in appointments are scheduled during business hours (Monday-Friday). Please note that we can hold properties for no more than 2 weeks from approval.

Q – How are maintenance issues handled?

A – When a tenant has a maintenance issue, the tenant submits a written request and we contact the appropriate repair agency to fix it. However, if the issue is purely user error, the service charge will be charged back to the tenant.

Q – What terms do you offer for lease?

A – Most of our lease agreements are one-year terms. An exception may be made only if the property owner allows.

Q – What is your pet policy?

A – Pets are allowed only at properties whose property owners have agreed to allow pets. A pet deposit is required and varies depending on property and pet.

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